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Interested in Becoming an Impressions Conference Speaker?


Conference Format

Each educational workshop is 4 hours and each educational session is 75 minutes, which allows for audience participation. Workshops and sessions must be educational in nature – that is, sales presentations will not be accepted or tolerated. Keep all session content topical and directly related to industry trends, without promoting or “pitching” your products or services.

Presentation Preparation

Impressions Expo requires that the approved show-specific PowerPoint template be used for all presentations by all speakers. A PowerPoint Template will be emailed out to speakers, but you can also download it here.

You are not permitted to alter the template in any way. However, you may add your logo to the last slide in your presentation if you choose to do so.

If you did not receive the template, please email Kathleen Kresse at Kathleen.kresse@emeraldx.com

Presentation Submission

To submit your presentation, please email it to Kathleen Kresse at Kathleen.Kresse@EmeraldX.com.

Below are some quick instructions on how to use the template.

PowerPoint Instructions

Promote Your Session

Download this image to use in your social media posts to promote your upcoming session! Use #ImpressionsExpo in your posts.

Session Rooms


Each session room will be wired for sound and equipped with a screen, LCD projector, head table with chairs, podium, and microphone. You or someone from your session is responsible for providing your own laptop with your presentation fully loaded and prepared. Please note, Wi-Fi will not be available in the seminar rooms. We will provide cables to attach the laptop to the projector. However, if you are using a MAC, please bring your own dongle or check with us ahead of time that AV has the appropriate dongle.

If you have any additional AV requests, please email your requests to Kathleen Kresse at Kathleen.kresse@emeraldx.com. We will do our best to fulfill your request, but please note that all requests may not be able to be fulfilled.

Room Set-Up

Each room will be set half theater and half classroom.

Session Room Support

There will be a temporary staff member located outside your session room. They are responsible for checking and scanning attendee badges upon entrance, handing out any speaker provided handouts (speaker must print and bring with them), and will give you a 10-minute warning notice prior to your session ending. In case you need assistance, they will also be there as a liaison between you and the AV company.

Speaker Registration

Impressions Expo will register all speakers and will have them available for pick up in the speaker lounge on site. Please be sure to stop by as soon as you arrive to the convention center to pick up your badge. This badge will give you access to all sessions, workshops and the show floor.


Speakers are responsible for booking their own hotel and airfare. To receive our negotiated rates, please be sure to visit our housing page to reserve a room.

Additional Questions?

If you have questions regarding content for your session, please contact Kathleen Kresse at Kathleen.Kresse@EmeraldX.com